Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth November 23, 2009

Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antartic Expedition

The team has set off on skis to reach the Geographic South Pole


Today the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Team has set off for the South Pole. For the next 40 days, the intrepid team will ski six-to-ten hours a day unguided and unsupported pulling 80kg sledges loaded with food, fuel and equipment. The team will face blinding blizzards, winds reaching speeds in excess of 80mph, hidden crevasses and temperatures that plummet to -40C.

As the team skis past the polar ice cap's mountain passes and fields, they will experience 24-hour daylight, endless vistas, and intense solitude. They will not see any plant or animal life; only snow, ice, rock and sky.

The Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition sees women from seven Commonwealth countries - Brunei Darussalam, Cyprus, India, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom - ski 900 kilometres to the Geographic South Pole. On reaching their target, the team members from Brunei, Cyprus and Jamaica will be the first person from their nation, male or female, to ski to the South Pole. Those from India, New Zealand and Singapore will be the first woman from their nation to make this symbolic and prestigious journey.

"Only a great team is capable of performing great deeds," said the representative of the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition. "Together with Kaspersky Lab we make an outstanding team and we believe our expedition will become one of the most eminent historical events ever! From the bottom of our hearts we'd like to thank Kaspersky Lab for being with us at the turning point of our lives and sharing our spirit of adventure!"

The expedition marks the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth as well as demonstrating the potential for greater international understanding and exchange, and highlighting the achievements of women across the World.


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