Grand Prix | Immaculate Conclusion November 18, 2009

Immaculate Conclusion

Sunday’s Burger King Portmore10K highlighted the conclusion of a fantastic 2009 Burger King/Jamdammers Grand Prix road race series.

The series saw not only record participation from our runners but excellent volunteerism from our membership. Much can also be said of the quality work of our volunteer committee, and the Jamdammers volunteer’s excellent team work.

When we are out in our numbers it increases our efficiency. My gratitude to the following persons who came out to magically enhance the lives of our participants:

Michael Smith

Clive Charlton

Delrose Campbell

Lisa Lindo

Melvin Asin and wife, Nadine Asin

Andre Gordon

Judy Chin

Karen Chang

Joselle Cooke

Suzie Foreman

Patrick Bhoorasingh

Stephen Royes

Deborah Garbutt

Debra Valentine

Gina Harrison

Lisa Packer

Anna Kay von Dueszeln

Tanya Miller

Yasmin Fenton

Lance Brown

Winsome Forbes

Garrett Campbell

Gina Harrison

Amadore Gillman

Glendon Nam

Charles Fuller

Joseph Cools-Lartigue

Tara Clivio & family

Leon Vaughn

Ives Reid

Gillian Urquhart

Apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

We now move on to Woman’s Running top 5 rated Marathon Reggae Marathon on December 5.